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From October 2019 onwards, you won’t be alone.



Driven by the acceleration of connectivity, technology, new talent models and cognitive tools, the world of labour is changing.

As robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig economy grow, jobs have been reinvented and freelancing has progressed at a gallop. As stated by the World Economic Forum and the OCDE, the independent workforce is growing all over the world and alongside with it new skills are being demanded by the industry.

That emerging demand requires from freelancers both a combination of talent and technology.
INDIE WORKERS intends to be a platform of reference for encouraging discussions and the sharing of knowledge in themes centered in the freelancers’ or solopreneurs’ reality, in the field of Creative Industries..

Hence, INDIE WORKERS’s mission is:

1. Promote both talent and power of freelancers’ workforce in Porto, simultaneously reinforcing its resources, skills, networks and visibility;
2. Provide creative freelancers with relevant skills and practices in the areas of business management and entrepreneurship, productivity and proactivity, to immediately put to practice in what their professional activities is concerned;
3. Promote networking, freelancers’ workforce and the creative start-up and scale-up ecosystem from Porto, promoting new synergies and cooperations.

18 to 20

october 2019



Porto INDIE WORKERS Bootcamp is an event dedicated to creative freelancers and solopreneurs.
Condensed in three days of activities, talks, conferences and workshops our program is designed to inspire, nourish and interconnect Porto’s Indie Workers community.

Both program and speakers will be announced very soon.

Please note that most of the program will be facilitated in Portuguese, with the exception of some sessions or workshops which will be in English (25% of total content) and will be properly distinguished in the program (EN).

Until then we can unravel that this Bootcamp will unfold into 3 distant blocks in a crescendo of activity and connection:

We are Next! Upskill yourself!Interconnect now!

Freelancing is an experience that strengthens any professional. It can be an intermittent or permanent status to anyone.

Hence, self-management is now a precious skill for any individual.

In this section we want to create the conscience for the opportunities and challenges of freelancing, as well as bringing in inspiration to what is the workforce of the present moment, and of the future!

This section has as its goals empowering freelancers and solopreneurs in the self-management of their professional activity, opening up the way for the development of inter and intra-entrepreneurial skills, developing together a holistic vision of a creative business.

Tools, techniques and models will be discussed and thought about in a context of workshops and flash-classes, as well as the basic frameworks of a successful solo career.

Independent workers also do interdependent work. This section is focused in discussions and practical activities that position the creatives in an ecosystem of interdependence, collaboration and co-creation.

Team work, remote work, client relationship management, creative problem solving, networking and collaborative workspaces will be certainly part of our agenda.

Finally, we will promote peoples’, services and enterprises interconnectivity in 1-to-1 clarification sessions.






5 Conferences / Presentations

3 Discussion Panels

Welcome Drinks

Coffee Breaks

Informative Desks





5 Conferences / Presentations

3 Discussion Panels

Welcome Drinks

Coffee Breaks

Informative Desks

3 Workshops


I’M INDIE worker




5 Conferences / Presentations

3 Discussion Panels

Welcome Drinks

Coffee Breaks

Informative Desks

3 Workshops


Special Sessions

2 Lunches


friday, october 18

We are Next!

ZERO hotel

18h30 - 19h00: Apresentação Indie Workers & Discursos de Abertura (PT)

  • Apresentação Indie Workers
  • Apresentação Scale Up Porto

19h00 - 19h45 | Apresentação: 'The Survival of the Fittest' por Vassilis Charalampidis (EN)

“Survival of the fittest”

In a fragmented and everchanging world, do you think you can thrive without evolving? Do you know who you are? Do you understand who you are becoming? Did you learn anything new lately? Are you a true explorer? Are you in control of your evolution? Are you smart enough? Are you fast enough? Are you getting noticed? Do they love you? Can you beat all the others? Does any of this matter? Today, “It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” (Charles Darwin.)  

19h45 - 21h30: Bebidas no Terraço | Som de Nuno Rodrigues & Rafael Ferreira

DJ set by Nuno Rodrigues (Duquesa / Glockenwise) + Rafael Ferreira (Glockenwise)

saturday, october 19

We are Next!

palácio dos correios – 3º floor

10h00: Apresentação - 'Myths of Creative Entrepreneurship' por Lieza Dessein (EN)

The job market changed dramatically in the past decades. An ever increasing number of people are freelancing, dreaming of setting up a successful startup or embracing a creative career. In order to foster an increase in the number of successful entrepreneurial ventures, there is a need for honest narratives on creative entrepreneurship. It is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs to look beyond the storytelling of those they admire and focus on the ongoings backstage.

In this talk I will expose myths linked to creative entrepreneurship and focus on pragmatic solutions to enhance entrepreneurial experiences in the digital age.

10h45 - Apresentação: '“Pro Nobis – Uma Alternativa aos Recibos Verdes”' por Michelle Chan (PT)

Um grupo de Trabalhadores Independentes, dos sectores Artístico e Cultural, organizou-se para criar um estatuto equiparado ao do Trabalhador por Conta de Outrem, em que os seus direitos sociais fossem reconhecidos pelo Estado. Surpreendentemente, esta organização recebeu quase 500 Freelancers de diversos ramos da Economia, proporcionando-lhes benefícios que não tinham quando trabalhavam a Recibos Verdes.

Nesta exposição, Michelle Chan falará sobre a mudança que a Pro Nobis trouxe para o mercado de trabalho e para as vidas dos seus membros.

12h15 - Painel de Discussão: Empreendedorismo Criativo (PT)


Carolina Curado (Carolina Curado Joalharia)

João Afonso (Gig Club)

Olivier Taco (Iguaneye)


Moderadora: Catarina Garcia (Mudo Podcast)

13h30 - Pausa para Almoço

Os participantes com bilhete I’M INDIE WORKER terão acesso à área reservada para os oradores e organização, onde estará incluído o almoço.

A restante audiência terá tempo livre (1h15m) para almoço.

upskill yourself! 

palácio dos correios – 3º floor

14h45: Workshop - 'New Work Heroes: How to Activate Your Career Superpowers' por Jörn Hendrik (PT)

Nesta época ambígua e altamente digitalizada, tendemos a ouvir repetidamente buzzwords como ‘agile’, ‘lean’ e ‘liderança digital’. Mas somente se pudermos compreender o nosso papel neste ambiente – como e porquê o desempenhamos – podemos usar essas e outras buzzwords e competências a nosso favor. Por outras palavras: temos que fazer a Jornada dos Heróis para alcançar os nossos super-poderes e usá-los na nossa carreira.

Mas nada temas, neste workshop aprenderás como fazê-lo.

16h30 - Workshops & FlashClasses

Nesta sessão de 2 horas, os participantes com bilhetes I’M INDIE e I’M INDIE WORKER poderão escolher 1 dos 5 temas à disposição:

Opção 1 - 'Do Awareness ao Advocacy - A Jornada Completa do Cliente Online' por Hugo Pereira (PT)

Esta flash class tem como objectivos dotar os participantes de ferramentas para:

  • Dar a conhecer a marca, gerar vendas e clientes satisfeitos no ecossistema digital.
  • Saber como montar uma estratégia de meios digitais customer centric.

Opção 2 - 'Os Novos Desafios do Branding Pessoal' por Joana Campos Silva (PT)

Numa Era de freelancers e de instapreneurs, muitos são os desafios para a construção de uma identidade pessoal. Este workshop propõe olharmos para dentro e descobrir a essência da nossa pessoa. É um laboratório de reflexões para os novos desafios da construção de uma marca pessoal, numa Era de reinvenção urgente! 

Opção 3 - 'Creative Pricing' por David Parrish (EN)

This workshop provides an opportunity to consider pricing policies from three different perspectives: calculating all costs to ensure breakeven or profit; the effect of pricing on customer perceptions; and options for selling or licensing your intellectual property.

Workshop Objectives
By the end the workshop, participants will have considered:
• Pricing in relation to costs and profits. The economics of pricing, including calculating minimum prices to break even and making allowance for distribution channels.
• Pricing, perceptions and market positioning. How pricing affects customers’ perceptions of you and your products in relation to other
products and producers.
• Pricing the options and ‘bundle of benefits’. How pricing relates to what exactly is being sold, including aspects of selling and licensing intellectual property.

Opção 4 - 'Freelancing in Illustration: How to Start Online' por Giulia Sagramola (EN)

Illustration is a profession tight with communication, besides crafting beautiful images to convey a message, it involves being able to communicate your own work. These days the identity of an illustrator starts mostly online with how we chose to show and tell our work through our website, social media, newsletter, etc. Sometimes the possibilities feel overwhelming, where should you start? Let’s investigate the possible directions our work can take thanks to platforms like Instagram and other social media, online shops, alternative income sources such as Patreon and more.

This workshop doesn’t want to focus only on the online tools but on understanding better what you’d like to achieve thanks to these tools.

Opção 5 - 'Micro Planeamento para Micro Negócios' por Miguel Barbot (PT)

Um pequeno guia para te orientar desde o desenvolvimento da ideia até à ida para o mercado.

sunday, october 20

interconnect now!

palácio dos correios – 3º floor

10h00: Painel de Discussão: 'Creative Work and Collective Spaces' (EN)

Pablo is a an illustrator and creative director on his YouNameIt, Tuğçe is a space designer and founder of CrossChange and Mariana is a fashion designer who runs the Colisão Studios. Apart form comming from different backgrounds and professional activities, and besides living in 3 different countries/cities (Barcelona, being Mexican, Istambul and Japan being Portuguese) these creative have much in common. Each one is a independent creative – freelancer or solopreneur – and every one works from a Creative Hub: MOB (Barcelona), ATÖLYE (Istambul) and TODOS (Lisboa).

In this panel we will meet the creative people and work of the guests and also sneak peek inside their routines in their workplaces as Creative Hubs’ members.

What is a Creative Hub from their perspective? What are the amenities and particularities of these collective and creative spaces? What impact does these environments have in their work or in their professional path?
At Porto we also have a number of collective spaces of reference – creative hubs, coworking spaces, maker spaces, fab labs and innovation hubs – that we will share with you and invite you to know better.


Pablo Fernández del Castillo (YouNameIt / MOB)

Tuğçe Akbulut ( CrossChange / Atölye)

Mariana Emauz (Colisão Studios / TODOS)


Tânia Santos (CRU Cowork)

11h30: Painel de Discussão - 'Flexibilidade e Independência no Trabalho: os Desafios do Trabalho à Distância, por ou sem Opção.' (PT)

Numa altura em que mais e mais empresas estão a tornar-se ou considerar tornar-se independentes de local de trabalho e remote friendly, há estudos que asseguram uma maior produtividade aliada à flexibilidade de horários e locais de trabalho dos colaboradores e outros que, por sua vez, atestam que nem todos queremos ser ‘livres’ das rotinas e ambiente de trabalho e que não estamos dispostos a perder regalias em troca dessa flexibilidade. 
Os desafios e barreiras ao trabalho remoto, ao outsourcing e ao freelancing apresentam-se tanto para trabalhadores dependentes e independentes tanto como para as empresas. Será esta transição uma necessidade das empresas ou dos seus colaboradores? Será a motivação ultrapassar o presenteísmo ou diminuir gastos fixos? Estaremos todos prontos para ser autónomos? Quais as barreiras à subcontratação de trabalhadores independentes? E quais as competências e soft skills necessárias para que a independência não nos custe a estabilidade ou a sanidade?


Gonçalo Hall (Remote It)

Beatriz Renault (Polar Insight)

Jörn Hendrik (New Work Heroes)

Moderador: Rui Countinho (Center for Business Innovation na Porto Business School)

12h30 - Pausa para Almoço

Os participantes com bilhete I’M INDIE WORKER terão acesso à área reservada para os oradores e organização, onde estará incluído o almoço.

A restante audiência terá tempo livre (1h15m) para almoço.

upskill yourself! 

palácio dos correios – 3º floor

14h00 - Workshops & FlashClasses:

Nesta sessão de 2 horas, os participantes com bilhetes I’M INDIE e I’M INDIE WORKER poderão escolher 1 dos 5 temas à disposição:

Opção 1 - 'Gestão de Projetos ou Como Organizar um Bom Jantar' por Ismael Cardoso (PT)

Um projeto bem gerido é a receita perfeita para um jantar de sucesso. Para fazer dos projetos mais do que um conjunto de apetitosos ingredientes precisamos cozinhar como Remy.

Opção 2 - 'No Equilíbrio entre Vida Pessoal e Trabalho' por Edite Amorim (PT)

Existirão mesmo duas vidas? A laboral, a profissional? Assim sendo, quantas outras mais poderiamos inventar? No questionamento deste paradigma que separa, propõe-se como alternativa  um que agarra e junta. Uma visão global sobre a vida, como uma só, em si mesma, com o todo que contém.

Um workshop para questionar óbvios, lançar ideias e exemplos e explorar possibilidades.

Opção 3 - 'Free Style Design Thinking' por Katja Tschimmel (PT)

Pensar como um designer é pensar criativamente, focalizado em resultados inovadores. É pensar com empatia, centrado no utilizador. 

Design Thinking como método proporciona modelos de processos e técnicas que ajudam a acelerar, intensificar, partilhar e visualizar um processo criativo em qualquer contexto.

Neste workshop com um perfil “free style”, os participantes serão introduzidos ao conceito e aos princípios do Design Thinking. Serão experimentados na prática 4 técnicas: o User Journey Map, o Brainwriting, Idea Cluster e a Idea Hitlist,  aplicando desta forma a empatia, e o pensamento divergente e convergente. 

Opção 4 - 'You Will Never Work Alone' por África Rodriguez (EN)

Working on collaborative projects is not as easy as it seems. Usually, we focus on the the evolution of it but we often do not take care of the team who is part of it. During this workshop you will discover how a team works. In doing so, we will share some useful dynamics and tools to build a team based on shared values.

16h20 - Sessões In-Deep:

As sessões In-Deep consistem em ‘mesas redondas’, mais intimistas, com o número máximo de 8 participantes.
É requerido aos participantes que sejam pré-enviadas questões mais individuais ou dúvidas particulares sobre o tema, sendo que a expert desenhará a sessão em torno das questões enviadas, tentado assim responder às dúvidas dos participantes e tornar a sessão numa discussão participativa e focada.

As sessões In-Deep estão disponíveis exclusivamente para os participantes com bilhetes I’M INDIE WORKER, que devem escolher 1 dos seguintes temas.

Durante este período os participantes com bilhete I’M INDIE poderão usufruir do terraço e de diversas actividades no piso 7, aguardando o concerto final.

Opção 1 - 'Legalidade para Criativos: “Bring home the bacon” ' por Ricardo Salazar (PT)

Partindo das necessidades logísticas de qualquer actividade económica, mas neste caso do universo da indústrias criativas, abordaremos os parceiros, passos burocráticos e cuidados a ter para poder exercer uma carreira com total segurança.

a)     Actos preparatórios;

b)     Primeiros passos;

c)     Parcerias e pessoas chave;

d)     Protecção de conteúdos.

e)      Negociações e contratos.

Opção 2 - 'Fiscalidade para Criativos: Questões Legais e Fiscais Relevantes' por Alexandra Fonseca (PT)

Qual o enqudramento fiscal que melhor se ajusta ao teu perfil e atividade profissional? Os profissionais independentes do setor cultural e criativo estão sujeitos a especificidades inteiramente distintas das de outros setores, seja porque o produto do seu trabalho cai, com frequência, no universo jurídico do Direito de Autor e dos restantes direitos de propriedade intelectual, seja porque daí decorrem diferenças relevantes ao nível do seu enquadramento profissional, designadamente fiscal, laboral e contratual.

Opção 3 - 'How to Make Your Business Strategy Work for You' por David Parrish (EN)

Developing a business strategy to make the most of your creativity in relation to competitors and markets in a way that is consistent with your overall aims and values is indeed a challenge.

In this session we can dive in the definition of your business success in their own terms in relation to creativity, lifestyle, profit and values. We will demystify what having a business strategy means, and the used techniques to understand your competitive advantage in relation to other creative businesses. We will understand the importance of looking for external forces in a systematic way to identify potential opportunities for your creative business and help you to install the mindset for developing your own unique business formula that brings together specific aspects of your  creative potential with suitable customers.

Opção 4 - 'Independente, Cooperador ou Empresário – o que mais compensa no meu caso?' por Michelle Chan (PT)

A Pro Nobis é uma entidade sem fins lucrativos, com cooperadores nas áreas da Música, Cinema, Publicidade, Design, Entretenimento, Tradução, Multimédia, Ilustração, Jornalismo, Produção de Eventos, entre outros. Antes de aderir convém saber se compensa e podem ser muitas as dúvidas. Este é o espaço para levantar e esclarecer essas questões.

Posso estar na Pro Nobis e emitir recibos verdes ao mesmo tempo? Terminado o trabalho, quando posso receber? Que despesas posso descontar? Quanto pago à Segurança Social? Quem trata do IVA?

Opção 5 - 'Agenciamento e construção de Portfolios' por Ana Muska & André Carvalho (PT)

A Circus Network nasce em 2012 enquanto organização cultural informal, evoluindo no ano de 2015 para se transformar em agência criativa, galeria de arte, loja e co-work. Este espaço dedica-se à arte urbana, à ilustração, à música e ao design.

Com o objectivo primordial promover o talento português procurando estreitar relações entre artistas, entidades e a comunidade envolvente, a Circus busca também a incessantemente a internacionalização, sempre com a cultura local como eixo de acção.

Nesta sessão serão discutidos os critérios para a boa construção de um portfolio e para a sua avaliação, bem como todos os trâmites do agenciamento nestas áreas.

Opção 6 - 'Licenças Creative Commons - a partilha do conhecimento e da criatividade de forma legal' por Diogo Morais (PT)

Alguma vez criaste algo e querias que os outros soubessem que não te importavas que eles usassem e partilhassem o teu trabalho? Procuras conteúdos gratuitos on-line que possa usar legalmente?  As licenças Creative Commons respondem a estas questões de uma forma prática e legal. Nesta sessão iremos falar sobre o que são as licenças de direito de autor e os instrumentos de domínio público desenvolvidos pela Creative Commons e de que forma e que cuidados deves ter antes de licenciar ou utilizar materiais licenciados com as CC.

see you soon! 

ZERO hotel


Jörn Hendrik Ast

CEO | New Work Heroes

As a facilitator Jörn Hendrik develops workshop concepts, designs interactions and enables groups to create the best results possible. Jörn Hendrik's passion for the realization of the workplace of the future lead to the founding of several projects like the careercoaching company New Work Heroes. Starting as a craftsman in the family business of his father, he quickly discovered his talent as a salesman. For more than a decade he proved his sales and leadership-skills in B2C and B2B sales-companies. But his vision to change business by making it a more transparent and people-centric world, finally led him to change tie and cubefarm with laptop and coworking-space. Jörn Hendrik Ast is an author, podcaster and publisher of books like the New Work Heroes Workbook.

New Work Heroes

New Work Heroes - career orientation for the work of now.
As a coaching company we provide books, methods and workshop formats to help our coachees succeed in the fast changing workplace of today.

Jörn Hendrik Ast
CEO | New Work Heroes

Lisa Lang

Founder & CEO | ElektroCouture & ThePowerHouse

Lisa Lang is a German entrepreneur, technologist, and international speaker. Her brands ElektroCouture and ThePowerHouse are leading agencies for FashionTech, wearable technologies and smart textiles manufacturing. From her experience as an entrepreneur, she has gained recognition as one of Forbes Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech, top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide, one of 25 leaders in fashion and technology worldwide and has been listed as one of the 50 most important women for innovation & startups in the EU.
Lisa founded ElektroCouture in 2013, believing in the opportunity to fuse technology with fashion even though she did not come from a background in fashion. With the success of ElektroCouture, Lisa then started ThePowerHouse in response to the growing demand from companies searching for educational workshops, prototypes, and needs for consultation on FashionTech.
Beyond her work on her companies, she has been a mentor for fashion and tech-focused programs, as well as has also advised the Ministerium für Wirtschaft Arbeit Energie und Verkehr and the European Union on the future of fashion technology within Germany and Europe. In 2018, she was included as an expert in the prestigious ‘The State of Fashion 2019’, an annual report written and researched by the Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company.


ThePowerHouse is the leading innovation agency for FashionTech and wearable technology. Its work encompasses rapid prototyping, consulting, matchmaking and education, ever looking for ideas that have never been created before. Behind all this, is an interdisciplinary team consisting of creative technologists, makers, and fashion designers who love pushing the boundaries of the status quo and designing for the future.


ElektroCouture is the frontier of FashionTech, first ready-to-wear fashion technology brand, and have created real concepts that transform the relationship of fashion to technology and compel the exchange of many boundaries. ElektroCouture brings the beauty of light together with the intelligence of wearable technology while reimagining light as the new material.

lisa lang
Founder and CEO | ElektroCouture & ThePowerHouse

Michelle Chan

Chief Executive | Pro Nobis C.R.L.

She likes to organise other people’s lives. Her interest on labour and citizenship questions comes from the fifteen years she has worked in Cinema productions in and outside of Portugal, as a freelancer.
She founded CPAV - Centro Profissional do Sector Audiovisual, the union CENA and the Coop Pro Nobis where she has the role of Director or, in other words, juggler.

Pro Nobis

Pro Nobis is a non-profit entity that provides freelancers with a solution for billing their clients, discount professional expenses and enjoy the benefits of Social Security as an employee. Providing:
Administrative, Accountancy, Juridical and Fiscal Support;
Accidents at work Insurance;
Social Security contributions according to the wage;
Employee status;
Deduction of professional expenses.

michelle chan
Chief Executive | Pro Nobis C. R. L.

Joana Campos Silva

Catalyst & Creative Director | Fashion Makers Studio

I am addicted to communication, talents and networking. I love to study, question and challenge fashion. I graduated in Digital Arts and completed a post-graduation in Industry Management. In 2015 I founded Fashion Makers Studio, a design studio that develops fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands with an emphasis on relevance and style. We combine the inspiration with the goals of the brand through honest stories. In 2014 I created the Porto Fashion Makers community with the goal of promoting creatives, as well as the industries in Porto and the North of Portugal. I am the co-founder of the illustration brand Red Wolf.

Fashion Makers

Fashion Makers is a creative studio that develops fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. We align our inspiration with the goals of the business, through the building of an unique and honest storytelling. Apart from the studio we have a creative community of more than 300 Makers with which we catalyse our business, discuss tendencies and promote reflections about the future.

Joana Campos silva
Catalyst & Creative Director | Fashion Makers Studio

Lieza Dessein

Strategic Project Manager

I completed my MA in the Arts ten years ago. Since then, I have been working on the understanding of creative entrepreneurship, and in implementing pragmatic solutions to develop and sustain the careers of creative entrepreneurs. Through a very hands on approach I gained an astute awareness of their needs in terms of work environment and conditions. My expertise helps freelancers to excel in increasing complex social economies. For the past seven years, I was a strategic project manager for Smart, a strong leader in social economics, which provides pragmatic solutions for freelancers in 9 european countries. I managed the “Brussels Art Factory” (BAF), an 800m² workplace for creative entrepreneurs. Additionally, I was instrumental in the development project of «LaVallée», a 5000m² creative hub. These two spaces host the activities of 230 creative entrepreneurs and house over 65 events a year, welcoming 30.000 visitors. In addition to the management of these atypical workspaces and cultures, I evolved in the Platform Coop movement which advocates for a fairer digital economy. Through these diverse experiences, I gained an astute awareness of the impact of digitalization on a wide range of contemporary work environments. Currently, I have a teaching appointment at the University of Leuven. I continue to help individuals and organizations to gain efficiency in the development of their projects. I find tremendous fulfillment in connecting people with others and projects, and in helping individuals to realize their professional ambitions and missions within a prosperous and fair social economy.

Lieza Dessein
Strategic Project Manager

Pablo Fernández del Castillo

Creative Director & Illustrator

Pablo is from Mexico but he has been living in Barcelona for more than 15 years.
With a background in advertising, he has worked in the best advertising agencies (BBDO, DDB, JWT, HAVAS, etc.) as a copywriter and Creative Director.
After many years working for others, Pablo started freelancing combining his creative work at his creative studio (younameit) and his art.
Pablo is a multidisciplinary creative with different skills who loves to work with talented people and without egos.


MOB is an innovation hub which gathers a community of +300 members in three spaces located in the centre of Barcelona. With the mission of democratising innovation, MOB provides services to its community, helping entrepreneurs and freelancers to grow professionally, and with the community, building teams of experts on demand to realise innovation, tech and creative projects for companies & institutions.

pablo fernández del castillo
Creative Director & Illustrator

Catarina Garcia

Digital Designer | MudoPodcast

She was raised with pencils and paper, and in between São Paulo and Serra da Estrela. She graduated in New Technologies of Communication, University of Aveiro. She completed a post-graduation in design thinking at ESAD and makes a living in app interface design (or rather User Interface as it’s common to name it). She is a independent worker and a teacher at both ISAG and FEUP. In her free time she often offers her voice to Mudo podcast.

catarina garcia
Digital Designer | MudoPodcast

Vassilis Charalampidis

General Manager | BIOS Organisation & President | European Creative Hubs Network

Vassilis Haralambidis is a founding member and the artistic director of BIOS, a cultural organisation for the arts, urban life and creative industries. BIOS initiated Romantso, the first Creative Industries Incubator in Greece.
He is also a founding member of the first European Creative Hubs Network, along with partners from all over Europe, a network that has been created to connect the creative professionals and empower the creative industries field.
Since founding BIOS in 2001, he has been curating numerous events and performances concerning urban culture, cross media and various expressions of contemporary artistic creativity.
As a designer, he has received numerous Greek and European awards and distinctions. He has devoted himself to pioneering a creative based approach to social entrepreneurship, best practices and policy, with his main focus currently being social inclusion and regeneration in the creative industry sector.

vassilis charalampidis
President | European Creative Hubs Network & General Manager | BIOS 

David Parrish

Managing Director | T-shirts and Suits Ltd.

David Parrish inspires and empowers creative entrepreneurs world-wide as an international creative industries speaker, consultant, trainer and author.

T-Shirts and Suits Ltd

T-Shirts and Suits Ltd is the company David Parrish uses for all his international work in the creative industries as a speaker, trainer, consultant and writer.

David parrish
Managing Director | T-shirts and Suits Ltd.

Edite Amorim

Founder & Coordinator | THINKING-BIG

Born in the dawn of the decade of the 80’s, she finished her course in Psychology and moved to Barcelona where a Master in Group analysis awaited and where she now goes every year for her Masterclass.
She started her first entrepreneur project in 2004 and the second in 2011 in the USA, being that is thanks to them that she has travelled everywhere to offer workshops and conferences for enterprises’ groups to reflect and act on. Applied Positive Psychology and Creativity is the motto and post-its the form. The project is called THINKING-BIG, (even if Edite’s height is not more than 1,55m).
In the meantime, she has been a waitress at a bio restaurant and washed cups at a beautiful tea room in France; she was a dishwasher at a friends’ restaurant in Malmö, Sweden. She has given training to a multinational in Moscow; in Ireland where she lived a few months and in Spain too. She created workshops for Michelin, GRDF and Limagrain in France where she arrived with her son in her arms and felt very welcomed.
She knows all the coffices of the cities where she has passed through, either to live, work or traveling.


THINKING-BIG is the name given to Edite Amorim’s way of working. With it, she develops workshop projects and interactive conferences in a co-building way with each client, being it a multinational, SME’s or education institutions. The themes vary between Creativity and Applied Psychology, always inhabited by stories and activities.

Edite Amorim
Founder & Coordinator | THINKING-BIG

Ismael Cardoso

Senior Project Manager | Farfetch

Having graduated in archeology he decided to go back to school and change his career. If his past was his day-to-day, now it’s his future. After having been at Sonae and Claus Porto, he is now Senior Project Manager at the first portuguese unicorn - Farfetch. Between Porto, London and Shanghai he helps innovating and improving processes of one of many e-commerce businesses made in Portugal.


EDIT. is a school dedicated to the fields of Digital and Interactive Design, Creativity, Technological and Mobile Development and Digital Marketing.
EDIT was founded by professionals from the interactive and digital industry, applying a training model both innovative and dynamic thought to accompany the rapid evolution of the sector.
Located in Lisbon, Porto and Madrid it promotes cooperation between students and interactive and digital, national and international agencies. These partners participated in the suitability of programmatic contents of the EDIT. courses to the real needs of the market, being this the best way to offer students a modern and a competitive education.

ismael cardoso
Senior Project Manager | Farfetch & Tutor | EDIT

Katja Tschimmel

Consultant | Mindshake

Katja Tschimmel is a consultant and trainer, researcher and teacher, coah and speaker. She works in two universes, the corporate (Mindshake - Consultancy in Creative Thinking and Design) and the academic (Porto Business School and Laurea University/Helsinki). She graduated and has her PhD in Design and a masters in Applied Creativity). She researches, teaches and publishes in the fields of Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation for over 20 years. She presents her work in national and international conferences, having been a keynote speaker in various events. Katja was born in Germany but lives in Porto since 1990, city that she adopted and where she feels at home.


Mindshake - Consultancy / Training In Creativity and Design Thinking
Our team of designers and other professionals from Creative Industries is dedicated to the development of creativity in companies. Using methods originating from our scientific research, we elaborate proposals for the training of creative thinking in teams, helping them to produce more incremental and radical innovation, through the application of Design Thinking.
For us, each training context is unique. Therefore the Mindshake team develops specific workshops, each one adapted to a particular situation and need, whether institutional or business.

Katja Tschimmel
Consultant | Mindshake

Tuğçe Akbulut

Founder & Designer | Cross Change

Tugçe Akbulut (TR, 1987) is the founder of Cross Change. She has a background as a space designer and as an art director. The last 2 years she has been working together with the NGO Imece on social innovation. During these two years, she has run social entrepreneurship incubation programs as a coordinator. She started to use her skill as a designer to design processes, programs, collaborations and projects to support innovators, change-makers and impact entrepreneurs with the aim to create change. During this journey, she established her enterprise “Cross Change”, a cross-disciplinary experimental design lab and started to curate creative professionals and other sectors for social, cultural, environmental impact-oriented projects.

Cross Change

Cross Change is an experimental design lab that’s triggered by creativity and is on a mission to ignite change. It's an Istanbul-based but decentralized impact enterprise who believes collaborative change creation. It's not a fixed form, but a different composition of moving molecules around questions. Cross Change is a lab that designs collaborations between creative professionals and other sectors to explore game-changing opportunities and to develop innovative solutions for impact-driven projects., curate changemakers to create environmental, cultural, social impact. The collaboration lab builds spaces to trigger creativity, designs and facilitates radical collaborations for experiments, and creates stories to inspire the change. Founded as a collaboration design lab by creative rebels who believe that radical collaborations will change the world.

Tuğçe Akbulut
Founder & Designer | Cross Change

Rui Coutinho

Executive Director | Center for Business Innovation at Porto Business School

Firestarter. Agent Provocateur. Restless.
Strategist, innovation and science manager, teacher, researcher, mentor and entrepreneur.
Passionate about exponential change, digital transformation and the future of organizations and work.
Currently Executive Director of the Center for Business Innovation at Porto Business School – University of Porto and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Magellan MBA.
Formerly Founder and Coordinator of Porto Design Factory and Professor at the Polytechnic of Porto.

Rui Coutinho
Executive Director | Center for Business Innovation at Porto Business School

Hugo Pereira

Specialist in Digital Marketing | SportZone

Graduated in Marketing by Instituto Português de Administração e Marketing and holding a Masters in Engineering and Service by Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto (FEUP), Hugo soon showed enthusiasm for Digital Marketing’s potential. After Impacting Group, where he was Country Manager of the Spanish market, he now belongs to the Marketing & e-Commerce department at Sport Zone, company which recently was bought by the gigantic multinacional JD Sports.
Daily he is responsible for the website’s commercial supervision, coordinating all the Direct MArketing and Fidelization Program initiatives as well.


EDIT. is a school dedicated to the fields of Digital and Interactive Design, Creativity, Technological and Mobile Development and Digital Marketing.
EDIT was founded by professionals from the interactive and digital industry, applying a training model both innovative and dynamic thought to accompany the rapid evolution of the sector.
Located in Lisbon, Porto and Madrid it promotes cooperation between students and interactive and digital, national and international agencies. These partners participated in the suitability of programmatic contents of the EDIT. courses to the real needs of the market, being this the best way to offer students a modern and a competitive education.

hugo pereira
Specialist in Digital Marketing | SportZone & Tutor | EDIT

Tânia Santos

Founder | CRU Cowork

Tânia Santos é formada em Psicologia e está a frequentar o Mestrado em Economia e Gestão da Inovação na FEP, Universidade do Porto.
Em 2012 fundou o CRU Cowork, um Creative Hub que combina um espaço de coworking para criativos, uma galeria de arte e uma loja de designers, localizada no Porto, Portugal. Desde então que o seu trabalho é focado essencialmente no sector das Indústrias Culturais e Criativas. Em 2019 fundou a associação Thinking Spoon cuja missão é apoiar o empreendedorismo criativo.
Tânia é vice-presidente da European Creative Hubs Network, uma organização sem fins lucrativos que visa conectar e apoiar hubs criativos em toda a Europa. Ela também é membro do conselho consultivo da European Development Network.
É fundadora do Indie Workers e está neste momento a organizar a primeira conferência em Portugal dedicada a freelancers criativos e solopreneurs.

CRU Cowork

Cru is a creative hub that combines a coworking space for creative activities, a design store, an area for art exhibitions and workshop spaces.
Our mission is to offer the best conditions and keep an active community — prosperous and international — reinforcing simultaneously the individual potential of each freelancer and solopreneur from the different cultural and creative industries. For that we offer space and services at an affordable price, in an environment dedicated to the artistic creation, productivity and collaborations, contributing to the well-being and friendship between all people who belong to our community.

Tânia Santos
Founder | CRU Cowork

África Rodríguez García

Co-founder | Espacio Arroelo

I define myself as an activist of the so-called “collaborative culture”. I do what I am passionate about: helping to create networks and communities that emerge from collective intelligence and shared knowledge .
In 2013 I decided to change my life. I came back to my hometown, Pontevedra, and I and my colleague María Pierres founded Espacio Arroelo . Espacio Arroelo is a coworking space with more than 70 co-workers and, from here, we promote social innovation projects.
Since 2017, I have been part of As Sequoias, a team of 3 entrepreneur women. We design experiences to build communities. We have created a forest where there are no headquarters or a general manager. Together we coordinate A Redeira for the City Council of Pontevedra. It is a space of freedom and collective inspiration (inspired by La Colaboradora) where citizens work in their businesses or social projects with the requirement of exchanging hours for ideas, services and knowledge through a collaborative bank.
Since 2018, I am a member of Ticket2Europe, an NGO that develops European projects to help youngsters in finding their own path.
Step by step, we are building new bonds with communities with which we share values, philosophy and projects such as Creative Habitat, Shokkin International, European Creative Hubs Network, B Corp or Coworking Ambassadors.

áfrica rodríguez garcía
Co-founder | Espacio Arroelo

Giulia Sagramola

Illustrator & Designer

Giulia Sagramola was born in Fabriano, Italy (1985). She studied visual communication at ISIA Urbino and illustration at Escola Massana. Since then she has been developing personal projects like self-publishing and handmade objects. Afterward, she lived 5 years in Bologna where she worked 6 months for BilBOlBul Comic Festival, then moved to freelancing full-time.
Since 2010 she has self-published books under the name of Teiera, with Sarah Mazzetti and Cristina Spanò, the label counts more than 20 issues between books and zines involving artists from all over the world. For Teiera she worked as art-director, graphic designer and curator as well as a contributor with her own artwork.
She spent 2015 in an art residency at the Maison des Auters in Angoulême (France) where she made her graphic novel Incendi Estivi (Bao Publishing).
During the years her work has been honored by Bologna Children Bookfair, American Illustration, 3x3 Picture Book Show and the Society of Illustrators. Her last picturebook Sonno Gigante Sonno Piccino (Topipittori), written by Giusi Quarenghi, won a merit award at 3x3 Annual Picture Book.
She likes traveling, reading novels and comics, watching tv-series, eating gelato and stalking dogs. She now lives in Barcelona where she shares a studio with fellow illustrat

Giulia Sagramola
Illustrator & Designer

Gonçalo Hall

Founder | Remote Work Movement & Remote It Portugal

Gonçalo Hall is a remote worker that embraced digital nomadism in 2018 and has since then travelled through the world while working. In 2019 he released a podcast and consulting project named Remote Work Movement, Remote It Portugal and Remote Shift, a conference about the future of work.

Remote It Portugal

Remote It Portugal is a project in portugusese whose aim is to inform and help individuals and companies to transition to remote work through education and consulting. The future of work is remote and we exist to help Portugal work remotely.

Gonçalo hall
Founder | Remote Work Movement & Remote It Portugal

Miguel Barbot

Consultant & Coordinator| O Ofício

Miguel dedicated a decade of his professional life to international consultancy where he specialised in the fields of Marketing and Market, Innovation and Strategic Management, ICTs and Entrepreneurship.
In 2012 he co-founded O Ofício, having specialised in consumer-oriented projects together with product development activities, manufacture and production or retail.
Miguel is also the co-founder, manager and creative director of Velo Culture and Quito.

O Ofício

O Ofício is an initiative coordinated by project managers who are experienced in their fields of expertise and have a profound knowledge of the reality of artisans, makers and small companies in productive fields of small scale, supporting them in their management processes and in the strategic and market planning. All the projects are managed considering the worries of the team with the development of sustainable business models and responsible business practices.

miguel barbot
Consultant & Coordinator | O Ofício

João Afonso

Founder | Gig Club

João Afonso is the founder of Gig Club, the world’s first annual subscription service for live music and board member of Why Portugal, the portuguese music export platform. Previously he worked as director of Startup Portugal and founded another music startup called Musikki with which he won several awards including the National Award for the Creative Industries and Building Global Innovators, a business idea competition co-organized by the MIT.
He’s passionate about music and determined to make Porto one of the most relevant music cities in Europe.

Gig Club

Gig Club is the world’s first annual subscription service for live music. By joining this club, members are allowing Gig Club to put on shows for emerging and independent artists, in a fair and sustainable way, while benefiting from many discounts and offers at the same time. With an average of one show per month, and secret intimate concerts to showcase emerging talent, GC aims to contribute to the cultural diversity of each city. Gig Club is made by people who love music, for people who love music.

João Afonso
Founder | Gig Club

Mariana Emauz

Creative Director | Colisão Studios

I'm Portuguese but based in Japan. Studied Photography and Visual Culture, Marketing and Fashion Design and at the moment I have my dream job. Colisão Studios it's a multidisciplinary fashion house on a collision course with something new.

Mariana Emauz
Creative Director | Colisão Studios

Olivier Taco

Founder & Product Designer | iGUANEYE

Olivier Taco is a professional product designer. He began to work in several famous offices in Paris like STARCK, Elium, Normal studio...
As a freelance designer, he creates many products like the Samshield horse riding helmet for example.
Ever since he was a teenager, he wanted to design sneakers. He is the founder and designer of iGUANEYE.


The iGUANEYE are ultra-minimal foot protection inspired by Amazonians. They act like a second skin and follows all your movements.

olivier taco
Founder & Product Designer | iGUANEYE

Beatriz Renault

Strategic Research Partner | Polar Insight

Beatriz is a product designer and user researcher specialised in market intelligence and consumer behaviour. Her experience in qualitative and quantitative research allied to design thinking and the facilitation of design sprints, makes it possible that the organisations she worked with offer solutions centered in the user, in a win-win relationship. While collaborating with Polar Insight, Beatriz designs and executes research projects for the public sector. She is challenged to produce insights quickly in response to an already mature freelance market.

Polar Insight

Polar Insight believes in a world where representation and diversity are profoundly rooted in the conception and provision of public services. For that reason, it is through user research and inclusive design that we connect citizens and governments, and help both public and private organisations understanding the complex problems of the citizens and communities with which they relate.
For that, we combine specialised researchers and creative designers to build teams to the image of each project.

beatriz renault
Strategic Research Partner | Polar Insight

Alexandra Fonseca

Lawyer | ConsulArte - Assessoria Legal

Being a lawyer and responsible for ConsulArte®, she is a service provider who is specialised in legal counseling for the creative sector. In her portfolio transversal collaborations in the fields of cinema and audiovisual, literature and edition, visual and performing arts, music, software, design and brands, are highlighted. The latter could include both individual and collective projects, businesses or not, public or private, such as creators and artists, creative enterprises, museums, art schools, universities and lawyer’s associations.
Alexandra has specialised professional training in the field of cultural management, having been involved in the management of various projects from this sector. She is vice-president of Clube Português de Cinematografia — Cineclube do Porto. She was part of the academic staff of the Master in Creative Industries Management at Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica do Porto and she was, among others, trainer at SetePés - Art, Science and Training. She has promoted seminars, workshops and courses within her respective fields of competence, namely in an academic, collaborating with the cinema and theatre magazine “DRAMA” from APAD —Associação Portuguesa de Argumentistas e Dramaturgos — in the formulation of opinion articles about legal themes.
She holds a BA in Law by Universidade Católica do Porto and a MA in Intelectual Law by Faculdade de Direito, Universidade de Lisboa. She holds Post-Graduation in European Studies (UCP Porto) and Specialisation in Tax Affairs (OVERGEST/ISCTE Lisboa). She worked for the Portuguese Government in Macau. She integrated the departments of audit and fiscal consultancy from PricewaterhouseCoopers, SROC.

alexandra fonseca
Lawyer | ConsulArte® – Assessoria Legal

Carolina Curado

Jeweller | Carolina Curado Jewellery

It was after her BA in Biology that Carolina Curado decided to invest in the field of Jewellery. Her passion and commitment resulted in vocation and success. In 2012 she created her own brand. Carolina Curado, born in Braga, values the design and personality of each piece.

Carolina Curado Jewellery

The best creations are born from the unusual and the proof is here: a biologist transformed in jeweler and an advertiser with desire to build her own project —these were the necessary ingredients for the birth of Carolina Curado.
They are polar opposites but it’s their differences that complement one another, underlying distinctly the jewels that they build. With a strong natural complement, her approach to jewelry has the influence of the organic shapes present in the fauna and flora that surround her.
The floral and animal elements so characteristic of her pieces take shape through one of her favourite metals — brass — and raw materials such as pearls, minerals, zircons and corals. From the creative concept to the last touches the love and dedication are a constant that prevails on every piece, giving them a richness and exclusivity.

carolina curado
Jeweller | Carolina Curado Jewellery

Diogo Morais Oliveira

Legal Co-coordinator | Creative Commons Portugal

Diogo Morais Oliveira holds a BA in Law from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, having been accepted in 2009 in a European MA in Democracy and Human Rights where he studied cultural rights. He is a lawyer, legal consultant of DÍNAMO10 in subject matters like intellectual property and he is the juridic co-coordinator of Creative Commons Portugal. He created the project CC Local Point, a physical point of contact aimed at the community that has the goal of granting a solid and practical access to the use of creative commons’ licenses.

Diogo Morais Oliveira
Legal Co-coordinator | Creative Commons Portugal

Ricardo Salazar

Lawyer | Sister Ray Discos

Ricardo Salazar, born and raised in Porto is a dad, record seller, lawyer, businessman and a blue and white team fan.

ricardo salazar
Lawyer | Sister Ray Discos

Gabriel Gonçalves

CEO & Founder | ERP24

Gabriel Gonçalves holds an MBA International Executive specialised in Finances at Católica Porto Business School. At the present moment he is doing his PhD in Business Sciences.
As an entrepreneur is aspires to keep on learning so he can do more and do better.
He founded iConsulting Group in 2014 and founded ERP24 this year, being the consultant and trainer in management and digital strategy.
He worked with dozens of enterprises from the most various sectors throughout his career.
ERP24 is the only portuguese partner from Bitrix24, such as Gold Partner in Portugal. In this new challenge projects have been developed with enterpreneurs, SMEs and even a few multinationals.
Its main goal is to turn portuguese enterprises more competitive in the context of the global market!


ERP24 is born from a wish to improve enterprises and support digital transformation through Bitrix24. To guarantee the efficient implementation and use of the tool our service includes the subscription or acquisition of different plans, the complete personalisation of the platform according to your needs and both webinars and frequent training sessions. At ERP24 we are committed to your success.

gabriel gonçalves
CEO & Founders | ERP24

Ana Muska & André Carvalho

Co-Founders | Circus Network

Circus Network is born in 2012 as an informal cultural organisation, evolving into a creative agency, art gallery, store and cowork in 2015. This space is dedicated to urban art, illustration, music and design. Located in the heart of the city of Porto and being part of the “Art spot” (Rua do Rosário 54) its most important goal is to promote the portuguese talent while bringing artists, entities and the surrounding community closer. One of its objectives is the constant search for internationalisation having local culture as its action axis.

Ana Muska & André Carvalho
Co-Founders | Circus Network


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