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Who Are We?

Driven by the acceleration of connectivity, technology, new talent models and cognitive tools, the world of labour is changing..

As robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig economy grow, jobs have been reinvented and freelancing has progressed at a gallop. As stated by the World Economic Forum and the OCDE, the independent workforce is growing all over the world and alongside with it new skills are being demanded by the industry.

That emerging demand requires from freelancers both a combination of talent and technology. INDIE WORKERS intends to be a platform of reference for encouraging discussions and the sharing of knowledge in themes centered in the freelancers’ or solopreneurs’ reality, in the field of Creative Industries..

Hence, INDIE WORKERS’s mission is..


Promote both talent and power of freelancers’ workforce in Porto, simultaneously reinforcing its resources, skills, networks and visibility

We Are

Provide creative freelancers with relevant skills and practices in the areas of business management and entrepreneurship, productivity and proactivity, to immediately put to practice in what their professional activities is concerned


Promote networking, freelancers’ workforce and the creative start-up and scale-up ecosystem from Porto, promoting new synergies and cooperations.


The Biggest help to freelancers comes from freelancers themselves.
They are experts on what they need!

Sara Horowitz

The Freelancer's bible

Work with creative people because creativity is contagious!

Katja Tschimmel


Being an entrepreneur is really difficult-period.
And i just turn into a positive. Being a female entrepreneur in technology.

Lisa Lang



Indie Workers

Bootcamp is an event dedicated to creative freelancers and solopreneurs. Condensed in three days of activities, talks, conferences and workshops our program is designed to inspire, nourish and interconnect Porto’s Indie Workers community.

Both program and speakers will be announced very soon. Please note that most of the program will be facilitated in Portuguese, with the exception of some sessions or workshops which will be in English (25% of total content) and will be properly distinguished in the program (EN).

Until then we can unravel that this Bootcamp will unfold into 3 distant blocks in a crescendo of activity and connection:

We are Next! + Upskill yourself! + Interconnect now!

This section has as its goals empowering freelancers and solopreneurs in the self-management of their professional activity, opening up the way for the development of inter and intra-entrepreneurial skills, developing together a holistic vision of a creative business. Tools, techniques and models will be discussed and thought about in a context of workshops and flash-classes, as well as the basic frameworks of a successful solo career.

Freelancing is an experience that strengthens any professional. It can be an intermittent or permanent status to anyone.Hence, self-management is now a precious skill for any individual. In this section we want to create the conscience for the opportunities and challenges of freelancing, as well as bringing in inspiration to what is the workforce of the present moment, and of the future!

Independent workers also do interdependent work. This section is focused in discussions and practical activities that position the creatives in an ecosystem of interdependence, collaboration and co-creation. Team work, remote work, client relationship management, creative problem solving, networking and collaborative workspaces will be certainly part of our agenda. Finally, we will promote peoples’, services and enterprises interconnectivity in 1-to-1 clarification sessions.

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